Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1yr Stats

Mollie had her 1yr check up today (2 weeks late).  She got 2 shots, and took them like a champ.  Cried when she got them but was fine by the time we got out of the Dr's office.  She weighs 16.10lbs and is 29in long.  Tall and skinny.  Everyone keeps telling me she will hit a growth spurt but I haven't seen one yet.  She is perfectly healthy and happy.

My last post I didn't really say much about her progress.

She says a handful of words and thanks to her Baby Einstein video had started say ball "ba" and doing the sign for it.  I was completely amazed when I figured out what she was doing.  It blows my mind at how smart she is.

She has started dancing.  I suck at uploading videos to my blog but I have a few of her shaking her little booty.

She is not walking yet, she is starting to stand more on her own until she realizes what she is doing then falls down.  She has a walker that she pushes around 24/7 and she likes to try and put things on it and push them around but she gets very angry when they fall off.  Lorin and I have decided to buy her a little shopping cart so she can put things in it and push all she wants.  She has mastered going up and down stairs.  She loves to play on the couch then throw the pillows down on the floor and slide off onto the pillows.  Just an FYI I am always with her when this happens but the girl gets stuff figured out. When she wants to do something she does it.  I know once she wants to walk she will.

She is eating good.  Her favorite foods so far are waffles, pancakes, any sort of bread or roll, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, mashed potatoes and Mac-n-Cheese.  I still feed her the fruit and vegetable purees because fruits and veggies are the ones things I can't get her to eat, although she is finally starting to eat bananas with us when we eat them.  She loves them pureed but not the real stuff.  I keep trying though.

For the most part she has a calm temperament but when she gets impatient she gets impatient, and will throw little fits here and there.  I usually ignore her when this happens or distract her with something else.  Both usually do the trick.

She is going through a pinching phase and gets her hands spanked..........a lot......  I always feel bad but she needs to learn.  She will always crawl up behind me when I am not paying attention and pinch the crap out of my leg.  At least she isn't biting......yet!

Speaking of biting she has 2 bottom teeth and a top one breaking the surface.

And that is all I can think of right now, my brain is fried today and I have a busy week ahead and we are leaving for Utah on Saturday for a week.  Should be fun.....

Monday, July 15, 2013

1 (O.N.E.)

I have so many emotions writing this post.  I can't believe my baby is 1 and no longer "really" a baby.  I look back and think how did it happen so fast?  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital.  Heck it seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant.

Becoming a mother has changed me, I'm pretty sure it changes everyone in different ways.  For me, it has made me look at the world different and really come to know what's important and what isn't.  It has made me try to be a better person everyday so I can be the best example possible for Mollie.  I want her to love everyone equally no matter what.  I especially want her to love herself.  Self confidence is so important for me to instill in her.

And more important then it all is I want her to know she is a Daughter of God.

I love this little girl more than words can express.  When I look into her eyes I feel this amazing connection to her that I could never explain.  She is my everything.

Bear with me as I take a walk down memory lane with some of my favorite pictures of Mollie:

And with that I give you my 1 yr old!

I'm so glad to be done taking monthly pictures of her.  She will not sit still anymore and loves to take her headbands off.  Whew....

Earlier in the morning I gave her some of her new toys, which she loved (see above), and the rest of the day was quite busy so we planned a small party in the evening with family and friends and had cupcakes and ice cream.  I didn't go all out for her birthday at all.  I kinda feel bad like I should have done more but Lorin and I decided she didn't need anything like that since she doesn't even know whats going on yet.  Plus we will have plenty of time for big birthday parties.

She wasn't too sure about her cupcake at first but once she got a taste of it she dug right in.

Her future husband came to her party and tried to give her her first kiss but she wasn't having any of it!

So Cute!!

After cupcakes and ice cream it started raining so we moved the party inside where we opened presents and all the kiddos had a blast playing.

**Special thanks to Laurie and Chad for being part of our picture....lol**

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mollie!!