Friday, June 14, 2013

11 Months

This is my last monthly post before Mollie's first birthday....

what. the. heck..

What a month, it flew by just as fast as the last.  Looking back I can't even remember what the heck happened.

Except for the last week.  Yes, I remember last week, that is a week I definitely will not forget.  Mollie had the flu the entire week and it was bad! Bad, bad.  I felt so sad for her she couldn't keep hardly anything down, it was coming out one end or the other.  I'll spare you all the nasty details.  She is finally getting back to normal but she basically didn't eat for a week, luckily though we finally got rid of her fever and were able to keep liquids down her.  She lost a lb, which isn't a ton but she is already small as it is, so we had the Dr check her out yesterday and despite all of that she looks good and healthy and the flu is finally passing.

**Somewhere in that 6 days of her having the flu I managed 2 showers!!  TMI?**

Changes since last month are:

She has another tooth on the bottom.  2 teeth total now.

She is pulling herself up on everything and cruising along the furniture.  She can also walk by herself while pushing her walker.

She claps her hands and can wave bye bye

She is starting to say some words like kiki (rocky), dada, oh (uh-oh), and yay (which she does while clapping her hands) she also sings the "EIEIO" part of Old McDonald.  At first we thought she was speaking Navajo, I kid you not, because there's a word "Yeeyah" (means scary) that sounded exactly like what she was saying, but we figured out it was EIEIO when she started singing with the song on one of her Baby Einstein movies.

She also went swimming for the first time a couple weeks ago.  We have been a few times since and she seems to like it more and more each time.

Now we have something planned every weekend until her 1st birthday! Oh summertime......