Friday, December 14, 2012

5 Months

Here we are, 5 Months!!

Mollie had an eventful 5th Month.  We had her first Thanksgiving and spent a whole weekend of late nights partying with family and friends, she started eating solids (cereal), she loves to drink water from a cup (she mainly slobbers in the cup but still swallows some), she is rolling all over the place; front to back and back to front, she loves playing with her feet while on her back, she is starting to reach for and feel everything, and everything that can be held in her hands goes in her mouth, she has quite the temper that is starting to surface, and for now it makes me laugh but I know one day it won't be so funny, AND she experienced her first shopping trip with mom.  =)  We spent a couple days in the Valley with our awesome friends, the Pulsiphers, and did some Christmas shopping.  She was a trooper too, she loved just chillin in her stroller, observing everything around her.  She even got tons of compliments from random people including a guy from New York who told us she was the prettiest girl he had seen in AZ so far....and then told Lorin and I we do good work, what can I say I am one proud Mom of this little girl.

Now on to 2 Christmas Parties and her first Christmas.  Can't wait!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dec 1st

On the 1st there were Christmas festivities going on around town.  They had all kinds of food and fun at the Old Court House all day including Santa, so we had to take Mollie down to get her first picture with him.

She didn't even cry.  She just licked his hand....right after this picture was taken to be exact.  She cracks us up, always licking things.  After that we hung out with friends and watched some of the entertainment.

We headed home around 4ish to eat dinner and get ready for the Parade of Lights.  I love this picture of Mollie all bundle up and ready to party.  

Grandma and Grandpa met us downtown to watch the Parade, and Mollie's cousin McKayla was with us too.  And of course we had to bring Rocky.

Mollie fell asleep right as the Parade was starting and woke up right when it ended, go figure.  Even though she missed it we still had so much fun.  I know I keep saying this but I love this time of yr and even more now with a baby.

This was my attempt to take a mother/daughter picture but Lorin was his silly self and had to make an appearance.  I love Mollie's face in this picture too.   =)

I love our little family

After the Parade ended we headed over to the Catholic Center to the Festival of Trees, to finish off the night.  It was such a fun day and I'm looking forward to all the other things we have planned for the month.