Thursday, August 22, 2013


***Breaking News****

Mollie is walking!

that is all........


Once again this year Mollie and I went with my Mom to Utah to visit her sister (Aunt Virgene) and this time Lorin came.  We had a ton of fun.  It was such a looooong drive but Mollie did very well on the way up and back.  But while we were there poor Mollie was teething so she wouldn't eat good or sleep good but we all made it through thanks to Ibprofen.  Poor little girl.

One of the days there Lorin and I took a drive to Provo and spent a day there.  It was such a beautiful drive between Price and Spanish fork, the canyon was so green and beautiful.  The last time I was in Provo was when we took my brother to the MTC, about 14yrs ago!  Our last full day in Utah Lorin took a drive over to Colorado to do some mountain biking.  We had a lot of fun and ate a TON of food.  I'm glad this is now a yearly trip and we look forward to going again next year.  Here are some pictures from our week:

Mollie playing peek-a-boo:

Playing in the water, dirt and flowers.  Mollie got her first taste of mud, she grabbed a handful of it and stuck it right in her mouth:

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Creamers grave:

We went to the USU Prehistoric museum.  This was my FAVORITE place to go as a child when we went to Utah to visit Grandma and Grandpa, I couldn't get to the museum fast enough.  I loved dinosaurs as a little girl and this place was amazing.  I was happy to take Lorin there for the first time. Also my Aunt's late husband (Uncle Keith) has a lot of Indian artifacts in the museum.  He spent most of is life hunting Indian Artifacts and has some amazing things.  When he passed away my Aunt donated most of those items to the Museum.

The rest of the time was spent playing, painting out toes and going for walks:

We are so happy to be home but excited for our trip next year!