Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mollie meets Horses

Last Friday we had the opportunity to go to St Johns to hang out with our awesome friends, the Pulsiphers, (so glad they moved closer), and let Mollie ride horses for the first time.  She LOVED the horses and that made me happy since I have always loved horses.  We also got to take a drive out on their ranch and feed the cows and see all the new baby calfs.  Mollie was pretty impressed with the cows too.  Every time we "moo" at her now her eyes get all big and she looks around for them.

Mollie  meeting "Denny"
Sitting all by herself (with the help of Laurie who ducked out of the picture, lol!)
Riding with Mommy
Taking a break to observe the Horses
"Roach" coming in to check her out
I love that she wasn't afraid
Her look is priceless
Lorin and Chad are always talking about buying a 3-wheeler together and how they are sooo much fun (Chad has one since he was a boy) so Lorin was more excited to go ride the 3-wheeler then the horses.

Boys and their toys

We had so much fun and can't wait to go back.

Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Months

Every month has gone by fast but I swear this last month was super fast.

Super, super fast!

**Lorin hates her headband but I LOVE it!**

At her 9 month check up (a couple weeks late) she was 15.12lbs and 28in. long.  She is still in the very low percentile for her weight but she is healthy as a horse, just petite.

-Lots of changes in the last month-

So in my last post I wrote about how I thought she was teething but it turned out to be a cold, well I lied, it was teething....she has a tooth finally!  It came through about a week after the symptoms and its so cute.  We call her snaggle (*sp*) tooth since she just has the one for now.  Overall she did really well, I know its harder on some babies then others, so I'm happy she did good.  But due to recent attitude changes I think she is working on another.

Also in the last post I talked about how she would crawl a little but mostly army crawled?  Well she is full blown crawling now, all over the place.  I kid you not one morning I put her down after she drank her bottle and off she went, like she had been doing it all along.  And she hasn't stopped since.  She is into everything now!  I'm learning how un-baby proof my house really is.  And just this last week she has started pulling herself up onto things too.  For now she is just getting up on her knees but once or twice she has gotten to her feet.  Crazy!

I have been introducing her to all kinds of new foods.  I try to give her a little of everything I eat.  So far she loves waffels, rolls, muffins, bread and jam (true Christensen right there), peanut butter, potato salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, and this strawberry angel food dessert that I make.  She still doesn't care for any kind of meat or eggs but I give it to her anyway.  Most of the time she just drops it on the floor and watches Rocky eat it.

With her being more mobile she has all kinds of new things she loves to do.  She pulls all the movies out of our entertainment center 100 times a day, she plays in a container I have in our office that has spools of ribbon in it, of course she gets into the cupboard with the pots and pans, she loves swinging and playing in the grass at Grandmas house, and her latest and funniest thing is chasing balls (or anything that rolls) all over the kitchen floor.  She will do this forever.  A lot of times she will chase a golf ball around and Rocky gets in on the fun to and ends up stealing it!  Lol!    

She is showing all kinds of personality changes and emotions.  She laughs when we laugh, rambles on and on like she is having a normal conversation, screams at the top of her lungs (ear piercing) for the heck of it then laughs,  goes from happy to crying to happy in seconds, tries to imitate silly sounds that we make at her, waves "bye bye" and claps her hands, a little backwards with one palm on top of the other hand, but its clapping.  Another thing she does is she yells at Rocky when he barks.  We always tell him to be quiet so now she will seriously start yelling at him when he barks and its HILARIOUS!  I was in tears earlier this afternoon laughing so hard cause she was doing it.  Funny, funny girl!

Here's to 10 months!