Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's great to be 8 (months old)

Does anyone else think that Feb flew by way to fast?

I'm sooo looking forward to Summer and getting out of the house with Mollie more.  Unfortunately we have to go through spring first and that means WIND. Ugh.

Anyway ta da....8 months old!

We had an interesting 8 month "photo shoot" this morning.  About 80% of the pictures her eyes were closed and the other 20% were funny faces.  This girl has quite the personality and the picture above captured it perfect.

Mollie is amazing.  Everyday I love her more and more.  Motherhood is such an amazing thing, challenging and hard, but amazing.  I took her to the Dr a couple weeks ago, he wants monthly weigh ins, and she gained almost a pound (13.5 to 14.4) between 6 and 7 months which is good.  I have to go again next week for another weigh in.

She is still eating well and doing better with the Gerber Puffs.  She loves taking baths and playing with her bath toys.  She loves to have books read to her.  Still no crawling - she is army crawling all over the place - but I know it will be any day.  She has a little attitude going on right now, it's hilarious, for now.  It probably won't be funny in a couple yrs.  No teeth yet, I'm just waiting for the day.  I've heard it can be miserable for some babies and not bad for others.  Hopefully Mollie will do well with it.  I guess we will see what happens.

Lately the weather has been beautiful so we have taken advantage of it and have been exploring the backyard.  Her favorite thing to do right now is play with rocks (and eat them too).  She isnt to sure about the grass yet.  We also go on lots of walks with Rocky.  She loves to be out and about exploring everything around her.

So here is to another month: