Monday, January 21, 2013

6 Months

Another day, another dollar..
....and Mollie is another month older.

Someone please tell me how to stop this?

This post is a little late because I had to wait for Mollie's 6 month check up to get her stats.  She currently weighs 13.5 lbs and is 26 inches.  Her weight is a little concerning, she is in the 5th percentile, so now the Dr wants me to bring her in once a month to monitor her weight.  Apparently she is growing up instead of out.  Other then that she really is healthy and right where she should be.

This!!  She has the most amazing personality, I know, I probably say that a lot, but it's true.  She still wears 0-3 month clothes but is slowly making the transition into 3-6 month.  It's hard to shop because I don't know what size she will be wearing we just wait.  I have a ton of 3-6 month clothes I'm dying to put her in.  Once she out grows those I get to do some shopping because I only have a few items of clothing that are 6-9 month and no here we come.

No teeth yet.  She has all the symptoms, has for months now, but still nothing.

She is sleeping all night, in her crib now and is no longer swaddled at night.  This whole process was a major stress for us.  We used to swaddle her at night, and wedge her on her side in the bassinet.  We knew the day would come when she would need to go into her own room and crib to sleep, we were just worried that she would stop sleeping at night (yes we are selfish and like our sleep).  So we just took it one step at a time, first we moved her into the crib waited a couple of weeks, then stopped swaddling her, then stopped wedging her on side and now we put her on her tummy.  So far so good.  An awesome product to mention is her zipadeezip that she now sleeps in and has helped with the transition of swaddling.

Aside from her weight she is eating solids now, has been for a month, and eats them good.  She does really good at breakfast, she loves her rice cereal and fruit.  She was doing good at dinner too until she got sick new yrs eve and threw up her carrots, she won't eat carrots anymore.  She loves Sweet Potatoes and pretty much just eats them for dinner, with more fruit as her dessert.  She actually liked Pea's the first time I gave them to her and didn't even turn her nose up at them.  I haven't tried again since she got sick although I will soon.

She is rolling around all over the place and scooting here and there but no crawling yet.  She does get up on her hands and knees but doesn't stay there long.  She sits on her own but is still a little unstable.  It's crazy that she is doing all this stuff, it seems too soon, didn't we just bring her home from the hospital?

Last but not least she LOVES the mirror, and that "baby" in it.  She talks to her, spits at her, then leans in and licks her, "her" being her reflection.  Its's hilarious....

Seriously, that last picture is to die for.  Those eyes are too much.

And so 6 months it is......

Monday, January 7, 2013

Stuffed Animals

The other day while playing with Mollie we put her in her crib with all of her stuffed animals and let her have a hey day!  She does the funniest thing where she will grab a stuffed animal as hard as her little hands will allow, force it to her face, lick it for a while then toss it around.  It's hard to explain without seeing but it's hilarious.  Now imagine that happening with a lot of stuffed animals.

This is the result of such actions....

11 Years

On the 4th we celebrated our 11yr Anniversary.  Sadly to say I was sick, we actually had all been sick starting with Mollie on New Yrs Eve, then Lorin, then me on our anniversary of course.  So we didn't do anything exciting to ring in the New Yr or for our anniversary but I'm still so blessed to have an amazing husband whom I love with all my heart...and now an equally amazing daughter who I love just as much.  So excited for the New Yr and the new adventures it will bring.


I couldn't wait for Mollie's first Christmas.  Even though she is still small and doesn't understand it all yet it was still exciting shopping for her then wrapping all the presents.  We didn't buy her a ton of things, just some books and toys, but it was fun unwrapping all of the presents with her on Christmas morning.

Before Mollie opened her presents my parents came over and had breakfast with us.  I made some scrambled eggs with sausage and some AMAZING Christmas waffles, red and green of course, which are officially a new tradition for the Larson's.


We then proceeded to let a tired, grumpy, Mollie open her presents.  It only lasted a few minuted before she had enough and preferred a nap over her presents but we still enjoyed every moment of it.

Rocky even got it on the fun.  Or I guess I should say we included him in the festiveness of the day.

After cleaning up, and resting for a while we got ourselves ready and headed to my parents for dinner.  My brother came from Snowflake with his family, we had a nice dinner and enjoyed spending time together.......

.......and of course enjoyed spending our 1st Christmas with Mollie.

Christmas Eve

Need I say more.....

Family Christmas Party

Every year my family tries to get together for a Christmas Party.  It seems like most yrs there is always 1 or 2 people who can't make it.  But this yr we were all there, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and of course the rents.

We had a lot of fun, my brothers planned a Christmas (picture) scavenger hunt and other games, my sister and I were in charge of the food, and believe you me there was a ton of it!

And last but not least, Mollie got to experience the Christensen's in all their glory.

Grandparents and Grandkids

All the Nieces and Nephews

Parents, Siblings and Spouses
Find cookie at bottom of bowl game....Lorin won.

Goldfish toss.....Lorin won

I didn't do as well

Eat a spoonful of peanut butter then blow up a balloon game.....Lorin won.


Sisters.....Love them!!