Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello 7 months

Before I know it, I'm back doing yet another monthly post for Mollie.  Next thing I know it will be her 1st Birthday....

People told me the time would go by so fast but I didn't think it would - when your up all hrs of the night/morning with a new baby, when she makes a noise or a little cough and you jump to make sure she is ok, when you literally put your ear by her mouth to make sure she is breathing because she sleeps so still and quiet, when you freak out because she spits up a little, - you feel like those days will never end, and it doesn't go fast at all.  The whole new-ness of being a parent.

Then BAM your baby is 7 months old.  Ok enough of my ramblings.

There really hasn't been much change in Mollie from 6 to 7 months, she has gotten bigger of course, and stronger, she is sitting on her own for longer periods and when she starts to fall over she will catch herself with her arms (most of the time), and she gets on her knees and will rock back and forth working on getting the whole crawling stance down.

One hard lesson we learned is that she is NOT ready for the Gerber Graduate Puffs.....  lets just say choking and puke were involved.  And one freaked out/scared to death mother.

We will not be having those again for a while. a. long. while..

Her taste buds are changing and where she used to eat vegetables good, or at least the Sweet Potatoes, she nows holds her mouth shut and will not let me feed her.  What happens is she gets tired of holding her mouth shut, I wait patiently, and the second she opens her mouth to let out a cry of protest I shove a spoonful in.  This at least gets some veggies down her.  But like most babies she eats the fruit awesome, Bananas and Prunes are her favorite right now.

She is such an awesome baby, and what a personality she has.  I love being home with her and watching her learn new things everyday.  And I still can't believe she is already 7 months old!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just some pictures

Lately I've captured some great pictures of Mollie and I just wanted to share:

Finally getting enough hair for some Bed Head

 Rocking one of our new headbands from 
Little Hip Squeaks

     Wearing her new beanie from her cousin Cheyenne

Taking her first big girl bath and playing with her ducks

And finally........her first time swinging at the park.
She wasn't to sure about it at first but as I kept pushing her she loved it!

I LOVE this girl so much.