Sunday, March 18, 2012

23 weeks=6th Month. Plus its a ......

I am 23 weeks today which is the official start of my 6th month of pregnancy.  In ways it seems like time is flying by and other times it seems to drag on.  But the exciting info this post is that we found out our baby is a....... GIRL!!
Sorry it's so blurry my scanner is not working so this was taken with my phone
 Yep it's a little girl.  To say the least Lorin and I were both shocked because we have been very confident that it was a boy.  I have felt like it was a boy from the start and so did Lorin, then when we had that 13 week ultrasound that indicated it could possibly be a boy we knew it!  Well at the 19 week ultrasound that baby wouldn't open the legs enough so we couldn't confirm (I now firmly believe she was mad at us since we had been calling her a boy this whole time).  So I scheduled a gender check because it was driving me crazy not knowing.  Lorin was still confident it was a boy and I was a little doubtful.  Well sure enough we went in there and BAM......girl!

It was an adjustment at first, it feels like a brand new baby since the first half of the pregnancy was spent thinking she was a he!  Of course as long as my baby is healthy I don't care about the gender, we are both so excited to meet this little girl!  And she is now kicking me all the time.  Its still subtle kicks but here and there will be a super strong one.  Its the coolest feeling in the world.  We have been talking and reading to her so she will know our voices and Rocky likes to bark a lot so she should be pretty familiar with his as well.

Here is one last picture... We got a 3D one and this one is so cool to me because it is her profile and you can totally tell she has the Larson nose, plus she was literally bent in half with both her arm and leg in front of her face.  Once again sorry for the blurriness...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

22 Weeks/Nursery (before)

I don't have a pic to post this week....honestly I haven't changed much since my 20 week pic.  

But I did have an appt this week and everything was great.  The baby's heart rate was 144 bpm (Doc said 120 to 160 is where it should be) and my blood pressure, weight and measurements were all right on track.  This coming Tues we go in for a gender check ultra sound, so hopefully once and for all we will figure out what baby Larson is.  Lorin and I still feel boy but the Lord could have other plans for us.

As far as how I'm feeling, I feel great!  Running has been good and makes me feel so energized.  I love it!  Still no specific cravings.....other than Watermelon, of course they are not in season, and I'm sure once they are in season I wont want it!  Still not in maternity clothes.  Thank heavens for the tummy sleeve, it helps your current clothes last longer which is especially nice for my work clothes.....since I won't be working after the baby I don't want to spend a lot of money on them.  I am finding it hard to put on  This belly is definitely starting to get in the way of normal day things but I still love it!  I think its awesome and so amazing that there is a human being in there.

We are starting to put the nursery together, just waiting on the crib and changing table and then we should have all of the furniture.  I decided I didn't want to do anything major as far as decorating/painting goes so we are keeping it very simple.  We are going to paint all the trim white and frame the window.  Other than that, depending on what the gender is, I'm just going to throw in a few pops of color here and there.  I found some pictures of nursery's that are so cute yet so simple so that's what I'm going for.  Here are some of the Nursery (before) pics.  Please excuse the mess....