Thursday, March 19, 2015

7 and 8 Months

Months 7 and 8 have been fun, crazy, stressful, and all of the above.  Hannah was 7 months old on Valentines Day - kind of a fun little fact - and on that day we noticed one bottom tooth coming in.

Well she caught a bad cold (we all did) right after that and was really fussy, and not sleeping at all Next thing we know both bottom teeth were up and out.  Poor thing, they came in fast and painful and I just thought she was having a hard time because of the cold.  We never experienced that with Mollie, hers took forever......and came so slow.  So that was the highlight of our month......not!

Hannah is eating really good and has started some simple, solid foods.  She mainly just mushes everything in her hands then drops it all over the floor.  But still such a fun stage.  No crawling yet but she LOVES to cruise around our kitchen in her little exersaucer and its funny to watch her maneuver around.

She is sitting up great and only falls over when she is reaching for things.  She is officially bathing with big sis which is so fun for her.  She loves to be around her big sis all the time and be doing what she is doing.  I don't want to rush her to grow up but I can't wait until her and Mollie can play more together.

7 Months..

8 Months...

A little sister fun........

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